Message from the Creator: Join us in bringing this timely work to life!

Introduction: “The Magic Hummingbird — El Colibrí Mágico” is a powerful opera that resonates with hope amidst cultural tumult. Developed over six years, this dynamic production seeks an established musical theater or opera company to further its growth. The original cast, orchestra, dancers, choreographers, designers and crew are all thrilled and eager to continue their involvement in this highly successful production they helped create for its premiere performances.  Their dedication and expertise guarantee a seamless and exceptional continuation of “The Magic Hummingbird — El Colibrí Mágico,” making it an even more remarkable experience for future audiences.

Costumes, sets, lighting design, sound design, projection design all available. 

Seeking Financial Support: Your support is crucial to realizing our ambitious goal of a high-quality production and a 2024 tour during the presidential election season. Tax-free donations can be made through NWEAMO.org.

Seeking Collaborators: Producers, designers, performers, publicists, audio, and visual crew are all invited to join our like-minded community. Together, let’s breathe life into this relevant and timely work.

Contact: Joseph Martin Waters Email: josephmartinwaters@gmail.com Phone: 619-750-7125


  • Workshops: Spring and fall 2019 (San Diego State University)
  • Concert Premiere: June 18, 2022, The Cutting Room, NYC
  • Fully Staged Premiere: June 2 & 3, 2023, Opera Tijuana, CEART, Tijuana, Mexico
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    Synopsis: “The Magic Hummingbird – El Colibrí Mágico” is a contemporary opera inspired by the Saint Francis story, emphasizing interconnectedness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Plot: Follow Francisco, a privileged youth, and friends Clara and Franklin as they venture to Tijuana for a rock performance. Francisco’s encounter with Elias, a refugee leader, sparks a transformative journey, turning him into a compassionate leader dedicated to aiding the refugees. Unaware of his own past, Francisco uncovers his history of being smuggled into the US as a baby.

Magical Realism: The story delves into magical realism, where refugees cross the border through a mysterious magic tunnel, the body of a giant snake buried by the moon goddess.

Challenges: A dangerous white separatist militia cult led by a mad sociopath awaits them on the US side. Franklin’s father, Maggot, serves as their ambivalent and damaged shaman, grappling with internal demons and drug addiction while raising his son.

Music and Themes: Featuring an eclectic musical score encompassing rock to classical, “The Magic Hummingbird – El Colibrí Mágico” seeks to captivate a diverse audience, exploring themes of personal growth, compassion, and unity.

About the Creator: “The Magic Hummingbird – El Colibrí Mágico” is the creation of Joseph Martin Waters, an esteemed composer, lyricist, and storyteller. As a professor at San Diego State University, Dr. Waters’ music resonates worldwide.

The Magic Hummingbird

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